1997 Results | Game Coverage

AFL Quarterfinal

Predators 45, Red Dogs 37

Drive Summary

August 8, 1997

With Analysis by Joe Kauffman (for Sam Wolfson)

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Orlando 15:00 1st Quarter 10:41 1st Quarter 7 Plays 40 Yard Wagner 1-yd TD run (PAT good)

Joe Sez (for Sam): The Preds went to all their weapons on this drive: Wagner, Cody and McClenton.

New Jersey 10:41 1st Quarter 8:10 1st Quarter 4 Plays 7 Yards Videtech 56-yard FG

Joe Sez (for Sam): If Fogie is unable to hit his receivers, it's going to be a long night for the Red Dogs.

Orlando 8:10 1st Quarter 4:42 1st Quarter 4 Plays 31 Yards O'Hara 18-yd TD pass to Wagner (PAT good)

Joe Sez (for Sam): It looks like Wagner is going to have another one of his nights.

New Jersey 4:42 1st Quarter 12:57 2nd Quarter 8 Plays 44 Yards Foggie 4-yard TD pass to Ashley (PAT good)

Joe Sez (for Sam): After everything that went wrong in that drive, including penalties on three consecutive plays, it's hard to believe that New Jersey scored a TD.

Orlando 12:57 2nd Quarter 11:58 2nd Quarter 0 Play 56 Yards Cody 56-yd kickoff return for a TD (PAT no good)

Joe Sez (for Sam): Looks like Cody is having one of his nights too.

New Jersey 11:58 2nd Quarter 6:39 2nd Quarter 7 Plays 34 Yards Taylor 4-yd TD run (PAT good)

Joe Sez (for Sam): The Red Dogs are showing that they can have sustained drives against the Predators.

Orlando 6:39 2nd Quarter 4:11 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Grilla 56-yd FG

Joe Sez (for Sam): Now O'Hara can't hit his targets.

New Jersey 4:11 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 11 Plays 30 Yards END OF HALF

Joe Sez (for Sam): Clock mismanagement by the Red Dogs and the game officials during the last minute cost the team a shot at the endzone.

New Jersey 15:00 3rd Quarter 11:14 3rd Quarter 6 Plays 45 Yards Taylor 5-yd TD run (PAT good)

Joe Sez (for Sam): New Jersey takes its first lead by scoring on the opening possession.

Orlando 11:14 3rd Quarter 10:29 3rd Quarter 0 Plays 0 Yards Guy 3-yd net rebound recovery for a New Jersey TD on kickoff

Joe Sez (for Sam): New Jersey got a lucky bounce off the nets, but now they're up by eight (PAT good).

Orlando 10:29 3rd Quarter 8:36 3rd Quarter 3 Plays 40 Yards Wagner 2-yd TD run (pass fails)

Joe Sez (for Sam): Wagner was determined to get in the endzone.

New Jersey 8:02 3rd Quarter 4:17 3rd Quarter 6 Plays 25 Yards Turnover on Downs

Joe Sez (for Sam): New Jersey's offense just stalled.

Orlando 4:17 3rd Quarter 0:00 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 30 Yards O'Hara 11-yd TD pass to LaSane (run fails)

Joe Sez (for Sam): The Preds overcame some costly penalties, but they fought hard to retake the lead.

New Jersey 15:00 4th Quarter 11:52 4th Quarter 5 Plays 19 Yards Videtech 27-yard FG

Joe Sez (for Sam): The Red Dogs can't get in the endzone, but they pull within one point.

Orlando 11:52 4th Quarter 8:21 4th Quarter 4 Plays 39 Yards O'Hara 32-yd TD pass to Wagner

Joe Sez (for Sam): The refs missed an interference call, but it actually helped Wagner catch the ball.

New Jersey 8:21 4th Quarter 7:39 4th Quarter 1 Play 0 Yards Foggie throws INT to Ervin

Joe Sez (for Sam): Foggie telegraphed that pass big time.

Orlando 7:39 4th Quarter 5:02 4th Quarter 4 Plays 9 Yards Grilla 29-yd FG

Joe Sez (for Sam): Orlando did not take advantage of the interception and had to settle for three points.

New Jersey 5:02 4th Quarter 1:52 4th Quarter 6 Plays 19 Yards Videtich 29-yd FG

Joe Sez (for Sam): Foggie was benched in favor of Garcia. It's a good thing that Videtich is one of the most accurate kickers in the league.

Orlando 1:52 4th Quarter 0:48 4th Quarter 4 Plays 2 Yards Grilla 60-yd FG attempt hits scoreboard

Joe Sez (for Sam): By not scoring, Orlando gives New Jersey one last chance; Plus, they give them the ball at the 20.

New Jersey 0:48 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 6 Plays 24 Yards END OF GAME

Joe Sez (for Sam): Garcia couldn't hit his receivers. Orlando advances to the semifinals.

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