1997 Results | Game Coverage

Storm 48, Bobcats 22

Drive Summary

July 26, 1997

With Analysis by Sam Wolfson

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Florida 15:00 1st Quarter 12:30 1st Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Grant 58 yard FG good

Sam Sez: That's as long a kick as you'll ever see made in this league.

Tampa Bay 12:30 1st Quarter 5:26 1st Quarter 8 Plays 39 Yards Bowden 5 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Florida killed themselves with penalties giving the Storm 2 cheap first downs when they would have had to kick.

Florida 5:26 1st Quarter 1:31 1st Quarter 5 Plays 40 Yards Gordon 15 yd TD pass to Brown (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Clemente Gordon is very good when he has the time.

Tampa Bay 1:31 1st Quarter 0:00 1st Quarter 2 Plays 35 Yards Willis 35 yard TD pass to Walker (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Walker sure looked like the fastest player in the AFL on that play.

Florida 15:00 2nd Quarter 12:27 2nd Quarter 3 Plays 38 Yards Gordon 31 yd TD pass to Hamilton (PAT no good)

Sam Sez: This game is a lot more exciting than most people would have predicted.

Tampa Bay 12:27 2nd Quarter 8:29 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 13 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Hadley

Sam Sez: Willis seemed to force that one.

Florida 8:29 2nd Quarter 6:04 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Grant 64 yd FG short

Sam Sez: Good D by Tampa Bay; dropped return is a big mistake by Walker.

Tampa Bay 6:04 2nd Quarter 0:12 2nd Quarter 8 Plays 45 Yards Bowden 1 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Great drive by Tampa Bay using almost the whole field and almost the whole clock.

Florida 0:12 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 3 Plays 10 Yards Grant 50 yd FG no good

Sam Sez: Good, solid half all around for the Storm.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 9:29 3rd Quarter 8 Plays 38 Yards Turnover on Downs

Sam Sez: Bizarre play on 4th down, Storm got burned trying to draw the offsides call.

Florida 9:29 3rd Quarter 8:30 3rd Quarter 2 Plays 10 Yards Gordon sacked by Rowland and fumbles, fumble recoverd by Rowland

Sam Sez: Great solo effort by Rowland.

Tampa Bay 8:30 3rd Quarter 7:21 3rd Quarter 1 Play 12 Yards Willis 12 yd TD pass to Thomas (PAT no good)

Sam Sez: The Storm finaly seems to have taken control.

Florida 7:21 3rd Quarter 5:03 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 6 Yards Grant 50 yd FG fake no good, Turnover on Downs

Sam Sez: Gutsy call backfires on Florida.

Tampa Bay 5:03 3rd Quarter 2:23 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 34 Yards Bowden 1 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: The Storm has dominated this quarter.

Florida 2:23 3rd Quarter 13:34 4th Quarter 5 Plays 38 Yards Gordon pass intercepted by Perkins

Sam Sez: Tracy Perkins sets the single season INT record for the AFL with his 12th.

Tampa Bay 13:34 4th Quarter 12:05 4th Quarter 2 Plays 9 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Hughes

Sam Sez: Bad throw by Willis, Hughes was the only one with a shot at it.

Florida 12:05 4th Quarter 10:16 4th Quarter 2 Plays 45 Yards Gordon 38 yd TD pass to Hughes (2 pt. run fails)

Sam Sez: Two big plays in a row turned in by Hughes.

Tampa Bay 10:16 4th Quarter 6:11 4th Quarter 5 Plays 19 Yards Willis 5 yd TD pass to Walker (PAT good)

Sam Sez: A 19 point lead will hopefully be more than enough for Tampa Bay.

Florida 6:11 4th Quarter 5:02 4th Quarter 2 Plays 8 Yards Gordon sacked by Bowden and fumbles, recoverd by Sanders

Sam Sez: That play was icing on the cake.

Tampa Bay 5:02 4th Quarter 3:30 4th Quarter 1 Play 10 Yards Bowden 5 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Another 4-pack for Bowden, very impressive!

Florida 3:30 4th Quarter 1:13 4th Quarter 4 Plays -2 Yards Grant 60 yd FG no good

Sam Sez: This game really give Tampa Bay a great shot at the playoffs.

Tampa Bay 1:13 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 2 Plays 7 Yards END OF GAME

Sam Sez: Great win for the Storm to end the home schedule in the same positive fashion in which they began it in May.

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