1997 Results | Game Coverage

Storm 42, Kats 26

Drive Summary

May 23, 1997

With Analysis by Sam Wolfson

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Nashville 15:00 1st Quarter 11:32 1st Quarter 5 Plays 30 Yards Pratt 9 yd. pass from Kelly (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Good drive by the Kats, but the Storm's defense looked decent.

Tampa Bay 11:32 1st Quarter 6:05 1st Quarter 7 Plays 12 Yards Belden misses 43 yd FG wide left.

Sam Sez: Storm is having problems finding any offensive consistency.

Nashville 6:05 1st Quarter 2:11 1st Quarter 5 Plays 20 Yards Cimadevilla misses 38 yard FG, wide left.

Sam Sez: Silly penalty costs the Kats 3 points, and is a much needed stop for the Storm defense.

Tampa Bay 2:11 1st Quarter 13:47 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 50 Yards Jones 5 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Storm turns to and old friend, running, to jump-start the offense.

Nashville 13:47 2nd Quarter 9:36 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 24 Yards Cimadevilla 32 yd FG

Sam Sez: Decent defense; the tide may be turning in Storm's favor.

Tampa Bay 9:36 2nd Quarter 4:24 2nd Quarter 8 Plays 45 Yards Willis 5 yd TD pass to LaFrance (PAT failed)

Sam Sez: Huge drive for the Storm, taking their first lead in over 5 quarters.

Nashville 4:24 2nd Quarter 1:47 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 3 Yards Cimadevilla misses 61 yd FG short.

Sam Sez: The Storm's defense looks to have regained its confidence.

Tampa Bay 1:47 2nd Quarter 0:13 2nd Quarter 7 Plays 43 Yards Jones 3 yd TD run (Jones 2-pt. run)

Sam Sez: Huge boost for the Storm going up by 11.

Nashville 0:13 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 2 Plays -6 Yards Cimadevilla misses 52 yd FG short.

Sam Sez: Perfect timing for Storm's 1st sack of the season; they close the half on a 21-3 run.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 11:20 3rd Quarter 6 Plays 7 Yards Belden misses 52 yd FG wide right.

Sam Sez: More offensive woes for the Storm.

Nashville 11:20 3rd Quarter 8:00 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 42 Yards Tuffo 1 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: This drive could swing momentum back to side of the Kats.

Tampa Bay 8:00 3rd Quarter 3:39 3rd Quarter 6 Plays 45 Yards Willis 22 yd TD pass to LaFrance (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Willis and LaFrance are really clicking right now.

Nashville 3:39 3rd Quarter 12:41 4th Quarter 7 Plays 29 Yards Cimadevilla 20 yd FG

Sam Sez: Penalties absolutely KILL the Storm, keeping Nashville in striking distance.

Tampa Bay 12:41 4th Quarter 10:45 4th Quarter 2 Plays 45 Yards Willis 31 yd TD pass to LaFrance (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Turnabout is fair play as penalties negate a Nashville defensive TD; LaFrance continues to dominate.

Nashville 10:45 4th Quarter 5:47 4th Quarter 7 Plays 43 Yards Kelly 20 yd TD pass to Fleming (PAT failed)

Sam Sez: Important 4th down conversion extends drive, but missed PAT is a killer, keeping it a 2 score game.

Tampa Bay 5:47 4th Quarter 2:30 4th Quarter 5 Plays 40 Yards Willis 16 yd TD pass to LaFrance.

Sam Sez: Willis and LaFrance are on the same page tonight, and when LaFrance is on, he's still as good as they come.

Nashville 2:30 4th Quarter 0:47 4th Quarter 4 lays 28 Yards Kelly pass intercepted by Perkins in the endzone.

Sam Sez: Perkins wraps up morale boosting win.

Tampa Bay 0:47 4th Quarter 0:31 4th Quarter 4 Plays 1 Yard Belden misses 60 yd FG wide left.

Sam Sez: Storm is unable to run out the clock.

Nashville 0:31 4th Quarter 0:25 4th Quarter 1 Play 0 Yards Kelly pass intercepted by Perkins

Sam Sez: Johnnie Harris is unhappy; he's losing his INT contest with Tracey Perkins.

Tampa Bay 0:25 4th Quarter 0:16 4th Quarter 2 Plays 4 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Ricks

Sam Sez: Will this game ever end?

Nashville 0:16 4th Quarter 0:01 4th Quarter 4 Plays 7 Yards Turnover on downs.

Sam Sez: No, I don't think it will.

Tampa Bay 0:01 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 1 Play 1 Yard END OF GAME

Sam Sez: Strong performance by the Storm was a great way to bounce back from last week's bad loss.

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