1997 Results | Game Coverage

Predators 54, Storm 30

Drive Summary

June 27, 1997

With Analysis by Sam Wolfson

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Orlando 15:00 1st Quarter 11:13 1st Quarter 5 Plays 40 Yards Wagner 4 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Missed INT by Perkins gave Preds a second chance; that's deadly in any league.

Tampa Bay 11:13 1st Quarter 10:15 1st Quarter 1 Play 30 Yards Willis 30 yd TD pass to Thomas (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Storm makes a statement: they're not intimidated.

Orlando 10:15 1st Quarter 6:07 1st Quarter 5 Plays 33 Yards Semptimphelter 12 yd TD pass to Hall (PAT no good)

Sam Sez: Storm's defense has to stop blowing coverage on Wagner; they might not have the "O" to keep up with Orlando.

Tampa Bay 6:07 1st Quarter 1:09 1st Quarter 6 Plays 14 Yards Fall 47 yard FG no good; rebound recovered by Samuels in endzone for touchdown (PAT good)

Sam Sez: This is the biggest special teams play of the season; it's been a long time coming.

Orlando 1:09 1st Quarter 0:12 1st Quarter 0 Plays 54 Yards Cody 54 yard kickoff return TD (PAT good)

Sam Sez: This is the last thing the Storm wanted to happen! This has been one of the craziest 1st quarters in team history.

Tampa Bay 0:12 1st Quarter 10:51 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 13 Yards Fall 47 yd FG

Sam Sez: The Storm's defense has to start matching the play of Orlando's.

Orlando 10:51 2nd Quarter 8:20 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Grilla 64 yd FG wide left

Sam Sez: The Storm's defense responded in a big way.

Tampa Bay 8:20 2nd Quarter 4:48 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 12 Yards Fall 45 yd FG wide left

Sam Sez: This game is starting to settle down a little.

Orlando 4:48 2nd Quarter 2:08 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 7 Yards Grilla 37 yd FG wide right

Sam Sez: The Storm could use a score now, to take the lead into the half.

Tampa Bay 2:08 2nd Quarter 0:43 2nd Quarter 4 Plays -2 Yards Fall 62 yd FG short

Sam Sez: The defense needs to step up and keep it at one posession.

Orlando 0:43 2nd Quarter 0:09 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 16 Yards Grilla 32 yd FG

Sam Sez: Even though that kick might have been wide right, it was a good defensive stand by Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay 0:09 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 0 Plays 0 Yards END OF HALF

Sam Sez: The Storm is in good shape, down only 6 at halftime, and they get the ball first.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 11:39 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 5 Yards FAll 60 yd FG short, returned by Cody 53 yds for TD (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Tampa Bay's special teams haven't been very special.

Tampa Bay 11:39 3rd Quarter 6:50 3rd Quarter 6 Plays 43 Yards Jones 3 yd TD run (PAT no good)

Sam Sez: Good drive for the Storm, it gets them right back into the game.

Orlando 6:50 3rd Quarter 2:44 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 20 Yards Grilla 26 yd FG

Sam Sez: The Storm doesn't mind trading 3 for 6 any time.

Tampa Bay 2:44 3rd Quarter 1:23 3rd Quarter 2 Plays 23 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Barber

Sam Sez: Did Grantis Bell trip, or did the refs blow this one big time?

Orlando 1:23 3rd Quarter 0:00 3rd Quarter 2 Plays 47 Yards Cody 38 yd TD run (PAT good)

Sam Sez: This really kills the Storm.

Tampa Bay 15:00 4th Quarter 14:03 4th Quarter 0 Plays 56 Yards LaFrance 56 yd kickoff return for TD (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Good time for LaFrance to break out.

Orlando 14:03 4th Quarter 10:10 4th Quarter 5 Plays 40 Yards Semptimphelter 18 yd TD pass to Cody (PAT good)

Sam Sez: As Homer Simpson has been known to say, "DOH!!"

Tampa Bay 10:10 4th Quarter 5:34 4th Quarter 7 Plays 18 Yards Willis fumbles snap, recovered by Odom

Sam Sez: This has been a very disappointing night for the Storm.

Orlando 5:34 4th Quarter 2:57 4th Quarter 3 Plays 27 Yards Semptimphelter 21 yd TD pass to Wagner (PAT good)

Sam Sez: Orlando hasn't laft any doubt about the better team tonight.

Tampa Bay 2:57 4th Quarter 0:51 4th Quarter 5 Plays 12 Yards Turnover on Downs

Sam Sez: No free pizza tonight.

Orlando 0:51 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 3 Plays 3 Yards END OF GAME

Sam Sez: Orlando takes a 9-8 series edge in the I-4 War.

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