1998 Results | Game Coverage

Storm 71, Barnstormers 44

Drive Summary

July 25, 1998

With Analysis by Andrew Mason

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Iowa 15:00 1st Quarter 12:05 1st Quarter 4 Plays -5 Yards 58-yd FG attempt blocked.

Andrew's Analysis: Iowa looks absolutely out of sync on their first drive.

Tampa Bay 12:05 1st Quarter 10:30 1st Quarter 2 Plays 4 Yards Willis 3-yd TD pass to Thomas (Nittmo Kick).

Andrew's Analysis: Unlike last week, Storm capitalizes on opponent's mistakes.

Iowa 10:30 1st Quarter 7:21 1st Quarter 5 Plays 14 Yards Garcia fumble recovered by Bowden.

Andrew's Analysis: Two Iowa drives end in sacks; the Storm defense is putting on a great pass rush.

Tampa Bay 7:21 1st Quarter 5:19 Quarter 2 Plays 39 Yards Willis 22-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: After a complete lapse last week, the Storm's focus appears to have returned.

Iowa 5:19 1st Quarter 0:00 1st Quarter 6 Plays 36 Yards Garcia 2-yd TD pass to Horacek (Opstad kick).

Andrew's Analysis: If not for Storm pass interference penalties, Iowa would have scored alot earlier.

Tampa Bay 15:00 2nd Quarter 11:10 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 45 Yards Bowden 12-yd TD run (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: Alvoid, with two catches, is replacing Walker nicely.

Iowa 11:10 2nd Quarter 8:50 2nd Quarter 3 Plays 46 Yards Garcia 28-yd TD pass from Garcia (Opstad kick).

Andrew's Analysis: Conley has 105 all-purpose yards already, and could break the Storm's back tonight.

Tampa Bay 8:50 2nd Quarter 7:06 2nd Quarter 1 Play 45 Yards Willis 45-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: LaFrance ties his own franchise record for touchdowns in a season.

Iowa 7:06 2nd Quarter 5:50 2nd Quarter 1 Plays 0 Yards Samuels returns Garcia interception for a TD (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: The Storm is dropping the hammer.

Iowa 5:50 2nd Quarter 1:29 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 23 Yards Opstead 27-yd FG.

Andrew's Analysis: Good coverage in secondary forces Iowa into a field goal.

Tampa Bay 1:29 2nd Quarter 0:21 2nd Quarter 3 Plays 22 Yards Willis 17-yd pass to Samuels (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: It's getting ugly.

Iowa 0:21 2nd Quarter 0:00 Quarter 3 Plays 7 Yards Opstead 46-yd FG attempt blocked.

Andrew's Analysis: Like Iowa's going to do something in 21 seconds?.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 10:46 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 39 Yards Barley 1-yd TD run (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: Right now this looks like the Storm's most complete effort of the season.

Iowa 10:46 3rd Quarter 10:03 3rd Quarter 1 Plays -12 Yards Goff sacks Garcia in endzone for a safety.

Andrew's Analysis: It's like banana's; when things go bad, it's in bunches.

Tampa Bay 10:03 3rd Quarter 9:05 3rd Quarter 1 Play 42 Yards Willis 42-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: Where's Dr. Kevorkian when you need him?.

Iowa 9:05 3rd Quarter 5:42 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 29 Yards Perkins 24-yd interception return.

Andrew's Analysis: I think it's for certain that the road to the ArenaBowl goes through the Ice Palace.

Tampa Bay 5:42 3rd Quarter 2:57 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Nittmo 42-yd FG attempt.

Andrew's Analysis: By putting in Adams, Storm has called off the dogs.

Iowa 2:57 3rd Quarter 0:00 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 29 Yards Motton 2-yd TD run (Opstad kick).

Andrew's Analysis: That touchdown had as much significance as a Malta-Tunisia summit meeting.

Tampa Bay 15:00 4th Quarter 14:02 4th Quarter 2 Plays 15 Yards Barley fumble recovered by Iowa.

Andrew's Analysis: If this was a close game, that would concern me.

Iowa 14:02 4th Quarter 12:22 4th Quarter 2 Plays 19 Yards Garcia 12-yd TD pass to James (kick failed).

Andrew's Analysis: Storm seems to be suffering from a lapse of concentration.

Tampa Bay 12:22 4th Quarter 10:51 4th Quarter 2 Plays 42 Yards Adams 30-yd TD pass to Worthman (Nittmo kick).

Andrew's Analysis: I guess the Storm didn't want George to hog all the scoring.

Iowa 10:51 4th Quarter 6:55 4th Quarter 5 Plays 45 Yards Garcia 12-yd TD pass to Swayne (Opstad kick).

Andrew's Analysis: I wonder if they'll try an onside kick?.

Tampa Bay 6:55 4th Quarter 4:18 4th Quarter 3 Plays 48 Yards Adams 11-yd TD pass to LaFrance (kick failed).

Andrew's Analysis: It's stat-padding time.

Iowa 4:18 4th Quarter 0:32 4th Quarter 6 Plays 34 Yards Pettithomme 1-yd TD run (Opstad kick).

Andrew's Analysis: It doesn't really matter.

Tampa Bay 0:32 Quarter 0:00 Quarter 1 Play 3 Yards END OF GAME.

Andrew's Analysis: A complete turnaround from the fiasco in Nashville last week.

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