1998 Results | Game Coverage

Storm 56, Predators 30

Drive Summary

June 27, 1998

With Analysis by Andrew Mason

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Tampa Bay 15:00 1st Quarter 12:47 1st Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Missed 64-yd FG attempt.

Andrew's Analysis: P.T. was 11-for-11 to start last week, but is 0-for-3 tonight.

Orlando 12:47 1st Quarter 10:42 1st Quarter 4 Plays -2 Yards Missed 63-yd FG attempt short.

Andrew's Analysis: Good pas rush forces 3 incompletions.

Tampa Bay 10:42 1st Quarter 7:03 1st Quarter 5 Plays 38 Yards Willis 14-yd. TD pass to Walker (kick failed).

Andrew's Analysis: Walker makes early impact as offensive specialist.

Orlando 7:03 1st Quarter 5:10 1st Quarter 2 Plays 21 Yards O'Hara 16-yd. TD pass to Wagner (PAT good).

Andrew's Analysis: Another poor kickoff kills the Storm.

Tampa Bay 5:10 1st Quarter 1:47 1st Quarter 4 Plays 45 Yards Willis 36-yd TD pass to Samuels (pass failed).

Andrew's Analysis: The best way to respond to a sack is to hit 'em like lightning on the next play.

Orlando 1:47 1st Quarter 9:03 2nd Quarter 10 Plays 38 Yards Cool 22-yd FG.

Andrew's Analysis: Good pass coverage allows Storm to make good goal-to-go stand.

Tampa Bay 9:03 2nd Quarter 8:34 2nd Quarter 1 Plays 0 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Barber.

Andrew's Analysis: 1st interception in 39 attempts; at least it's a deep ball that won't cost us field position.

Orlando 8:34 2nd Quarter 5:16 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 7 Yards Cool 54-yd FG attempt short.

Andrew's Analysis: Orlando penalty puts them behind the eight ball on their own two yardline.

Tampa Bay 5:16 2nd Quarter 2:23 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 45 Yards Willis 8-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT).

Andrew's Analysis: Beauford ans Spain getting into a scuffle showed that it is getting emotional out there.

Orlando 2:23 2nd Quarter 0:22 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 36 Yards O'Hara 14-yd TD pass to Cooper (PAT good).

Andrew's Analysis: 17 yards in penalties killed the Storm.

Tampa Bay 0:22 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 22 Yards Nittmo 39-yd FG. END OF HALF.

Andrew's Analysis: Finally Nittmo does something right.

Orlando 15:00 3rd Quarter 12:17 3rd Quarter 4 Plays -5 Yards Cool 59-yd FG attempt short.

Andrew's Analysis: Rowland is having the best season of his career; he's making the big plays for the third game in a row.

Tampa Bay 12:17 3rd Quarter 5:05 3rd Quarter 9 Plays 43 Yards Willis 13-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT).

Andrew's Analysis: It's the old horses: Stevie Thomas, Andre Bowden, George LaFrance; championship players making championship plays.

Orlando 5:05 3rd Quarter 2:27 3rd Quarter 3 Plays 45 Yards Dorsey 1-yd TD run (PAT good).

Andrew's Analysis: With the crowd roaring, Orlando silenced them.

Tampa Bay 2:27 3rd Quarter 12:46 4th Quarter 6 Plays 41 Yards Willis 3-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT).

Andrew's Analysis: George LaFrance is like Chris Carter; all he does is catch touchdowns.

Orlando 12:46 4th Quarter 9:49 4th Quarter 4 Plays 45 Yards O'Hara 18-yd TD pass to Ingram (kick failed).

Andrew's Analysis: There should not have been a touchdown there, but the officials completely missed a block in the back by Webbie Burnett on Stevie Thomas.

Tampa Bay 9:49 4th Quarter 6:07 4th Quarter 5 Plays 43 Yards Willis 15-yd TD pass to Thomas (run failed).

Andrew's Analysis: If LaFrance can't score, then the other war horse can.

Orlando 6:07 4th Quarter 4:50 4th Quarter 2 Plays 6 Yards LaSane fumble recovered by Barley.

Andrew's Analysis: Storm is moving in for the kill.

4:50 4th Quarter 2:13 4th Quarter 3 Plays 25 Yards Barley 6-yd TD run (Nittmo PAT).

Andrew's Analysis: The nail in the coffin?.

Orlando 2:13 4th Quarter 0:27 4th Quarter 4 Plays 18 Yards Bowden returns O'Hara fumble 31 yds. for a TD (Nittmo PAT).

Andrew's Analysis: Lynn Rowland sacked O'Hara, making another big play.

Orlando 0:27 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 1 Plays 4 Yards END OF GAME.

Andrew's Analysis: A good old-fashioned ass-whipping.

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