1998 Results | Game Coverage

Storm 55, Rampage 44

Drive Summary

August 1, 1998

With Analysis by Sam Wolfson

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Grand Rapids 15:00 1st Quarter 12:30 1st Quarter 4 Plays 6 Yards Hamilton 51-yd FG no good
Sam Sez: Great start for the Storm defense.
Tampa Bay 12:30 1st Quarter 9:10 1st Quarter 4 Plays 16 Yards Nittmo 46-yd FG no good

Sam Sez: Storm's offense didn't look sharp there.

Grand Rapids 9:10 1st Quarter 8:30 1st Quarter 1 Play 0 Yards Pullig pass intercepted by Harris.

Sam Sez: Harris wants that Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Tampa Bay 8:30 1st Quarter 5:10 1st Quarter 4 Plays 45 Yards Willis 27-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Defensive holding penalty cost the Rampage 7 points.

Grand Rapids 5:10 1st Quarter 2:46 1st Quarter 3 Plays 23 Yards Pullig 10-yd TD pass to Bailey (Hamilton PAT).

Sam Sez: Great play by Pluuig to avoid the Storm rush.

Tampa Bay 2:46 1st Quarter 0:00 1st Quarter 3 Plays 35 Yards Barley 1-yd TD rund (PAT no good)

Sam Sez: Barley is that much closer to winning Ironman of the Year.

Grand Rapids 15:00 2nd Quarter 12:54 2nd Quarter 2 Plays -3 Yards Pullig fumble recovered in endzone by Rowland for TD (2 pt. run no good).

Sam Sez: Another defensive score produced by a strong Storm rush

Grand Rapids 12:54 2nd Quarter 11:37 2nd Quarter 1 Play 19 Yards Pullig 19-yd TD pass to Bailey (Hamilton PAT).

Sam Sez: The kicking game has hurt the Storm tonight

Tampa Bay 11:37 2nd Quarter 8:59 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 18 Yards Nittmo 27-yd FG.

Sam Sez: Nittmo made up for his earlier miss.

Grand Rapids 8:59 2nd Quarter 3:26 2nd Quarter 7 Plays 42 Yards Pullig 14-yd TD pas to Baker (Hamilton PAT).

Sam Sez: Another good drrive by Grand Rapids, but why didn't they go for 2?

Tampa Bay 3:26 2nd Quarter 1:21 2nd Quarter 3 Plays 44 Yards Willis 44-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Beautiful pass, even better catch.

Grand Rapids 1:21 2nd Quarter 0:21 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 37 Yards Pullig pass intercepted by Harris.

Sam Sez: Huge play by Harris, he's an awesome player.

Tampa Bay 0:21 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 11 Yards Nittmo 53-yd FG blocked, recovered in endzone by Brown for TD (2 pt. run no good).

Sam Sez: Incredible play by Grand Rapids. They're back in this game.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 12:19 3rd Quarter 3 Plays 34 Yards Willis 7-yd TD pass to Thomas (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Exactly what the Storm needed to keep control of the game.

Grand Rapids 12:19 3rd Quarter 4:35 3rd Quarter 8 Plays 40 Yards Bailey 1-yd TD run (Hamilton PAT).

Sam Sez: The Storm missed too many chances to stop Grand Rapids on that drive.

Tampa Bay 4:35 3rd Quarter 4:09 3rd Quarter 0 Plays 0 Yards Kick off net recovered in endzone by Pegross for TD (Hamilton PAT).

Sam Sez: Storm just isn't in sync tonight, but they have nothing to play for.

Tampa Bay 4:09 3rd Quarter 14:54 4th Quarter 7 Plays 29 Yards Turnover on downs.

Sam Sez: Interesting call to go on 4th and 10.

Grand Rapids 14:54 4th Quarter 11:07 4th Quarter 6 Plays 15 Yards Hamilton 35-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: Big defensive stop for Tampa Bay, now they need to capitalize.

Tampa Bay 11:07 4th Quarter 7:18 4th Quarter 5 Plays 46 Yards Willis 4-yd TD pass to Thomas (2 pt. pass inc.).

Sam Sez: Willis ties team TD record, and gives Storm the lead.

Grand Rapids 7:18 4th Quarter 2:42 4th Quarter 7 Play 36 Yards Hamilton 25-yd FG.

Sam Sez: This game could come down to who has the ball last.

Tampa Bay 2:42 4th Quarter 0:18 4th Quarter 8 Plays 36 Yards Barley 4-yd TD run (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Clutch score by the Storm; great 4th down conversion.

Grand Rapids 0:18 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 2 Plays 12 Yards Pullig pass intercepted by Samules, 20-yd return for TD.

Sam Sez: Wow! The Storm managed to pull out a game that was closer than it ever should have been.

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