1998 Results | Game Coverage

Kats 49, Storm 43

Drive Summary

July 17, 1998

With Analysis by Sam Wolfson

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Nashville 15:00 1st Quarter 10:34 1st Quarter 6 Plays 45 Yards Kelly 14-yd TD pass to Fleming (McLaughlin PAT)
Sam Sez: Nashville really walked over the Storm defense. The Storm might need to win this on with offense.

Tampa Bay 10:34 1st Quarter 7:07 1st Quarter 5 Plays 5 Yards Nittmo 54-yd FG snap goes out of endzone for safety.

Sam Sez: Bad start for the Storm. They can't afford to get too far behind with a hostile crowd like this.

Nashville 7:07 1st Quarter 6:32 1st Quarter 1 Plays 0 Yards Kelly pass intercepted by Williams.

Sam Sez: That might be the big defensive play Tampa Bay needed.

Tampa Bay 6:32 1st Quarter 3:58 1st Quarter 4 Plays 25 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Owens.

Sam Sez: Samuels should have made that catch.

Nashville 3:58 1st Quarter 1:54 1st Quarter 3 Plays 12 Yards Jones fumble recovered by Perkins.

Sam Sez: Storm desperately needs to get the offense going before it's too late.

Tampa Bay 1:54 1st Quarter 14:49 2nd Quarter 4 Plays -9 Yards Nittmo 52-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: The Storm is absolutely sputtering tonight.

Nashville 14:49 2nd Quarter 11:01 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 35 Yards Kelly 1-yd TD pass to Hammonds (McLaughlin PAT no good).

Sam Sez: This is the worst effort in recent memory for Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay 11:01 2nd Quarter 6:53 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 24 Yards Nittmo 37-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: PT isn't getting tim, and as a result, the Storm's offense has stagnated.

Nashville 6:53 2nd Quarter 3:18 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 7 Yards McLaughlin 52-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: The defense is hanging on. Now the offense needs to reward them.

Tampa Bay 3:18 2nd Quarter 0:39 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 35 Yards Bowden 1-yd TD run (Willis 2-pt. pass to Samuels).

Sam Sez: Big momentum building drive for the Storm. They finally get off the schneide, and they'll get the ball first in the second half.

Nashville 0:39 2nd Quarter 0:14 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 7 Yards McLaughlin 53-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: This game could be turning around.

Tampa Bay 0:14 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 2 Plays 18 Yards Nittmo 35-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: A fitting end to the half, but the Storm has to be very happy to be within 7 after playing a half that bad.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 12:17 3rd Quarter 3 Plays 39 Yards Bowden 7-yd TD run (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Tie game? Unbelievable!.

Nashville 12:17 3rd Quarter 7:41 3rd Quarter 6 Plays 48 Yards Kelly 16-yd TD pass to Jones (McLaughlin PAT).

Sam Sez: The Storm's absolute loss of composure, racking up 24 straight yards in penalties, could cost them the game.

Tampa Bay 7:41 3rd Quarter 6:08 3rd Quarter 1 Plays 45 Yards Willis 42-yd TD pass to Walker (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: This game could be turning into a shootout.

Nashville 6:08 3rd Quarter 2:26 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 45 Yards Kelly 7-yd TD pass to Jones (McLaughlin PAT).

Sam Sez: The Storm is absolutely killing themselves tonight with penalties.

Tampa Bay 2:26 3rd Quarter 1:28 3rd Quarter 0 Plays 0 Yards Hammonds recovers muffed kickoff in endzone for TD (McLaughlin PAT).

Sam Sez: Yet another big mistake by the Storm.

Tampa Bay 1:28 3rd Quarter 13:26 4th Quarter 5 Plays 41 Yards Bowden 1-yd TD run (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Don't count out the Storm just yet.

Nashville 13:26 4th Quarter 8:40 4th Quarter 7 Plays 45 Yards Kelly fumble recovered by Houghton.

Sam Sez: That's the stop the Storm needed.

Tampa Bay 8:40 4th Quarter 6:08 4th Quarter 4 Plays 0 Yards Nittmo 64-yd FG no good.

Sam Sez: Storm missed a golden chance to get back into the game. The clock is their enemy now.

Nashville 6:08 4th Quarter 5:00 4th Quarter 1 Play 23 Yards Allen 23-yd TD run (McLaughlin PAT).

Sam Sez: Great run by Allen could seal it for the Kats.

Tampa Bay 5:00 4th Quarter 1:29 4th Quarter 5 Plays 15 Yards Willis pass intercepted by Pointer, Pointer fumble recovered by Barley.

Sam Sez: Sloppy game on both sides tonight.

Tampa Bay 1:29 4th Quarter 0:59 4th Quarter 1 Play 16 Yards Willis 11-yd TD pass to Samuels (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: Storm's clinging to life, but vital signs aren't good.

Nashville 0:59 4th Quarter 0:46 4th Quarter 2 Plays 45 Yards Kelly 44-yd TD pass to Fleming (PAT no good).

Sam Sez: It's over. Let's go home.

Tampa Bay 0:46 4th Quarter 0:21 4th Quarter 2 Plays 23 Yards Willis 22-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT).

Sam Sez: At least the Storm didn't give up as easy as me.

Nashville 0:21 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 2 Plays 1 Yard END OF GAME.

Sam Sez: Storm needs to regroup, learn from its mistakes, and move on.

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