1998 Results | Game Coverage

Storm 42, Predators 34

Drive Summary

June 12, 1998

With Analysis by Sam Wolfson

Team Drive Started Drive Ended Plays Yards Result
Orlando 15:00 1st Quarter 10:31 1st Quarter 4 Plays 31 Yards Hamilton 2-yd TD run (Cool PAT)
Sam Sez: Storm really shot themselves in the foot with 3 costly penalties.

Tampa Bay 10:31 1st Quarter 2:46 1st Quarter 9 Plays 33 Yards Barley 1-yd TD run (Nittmo PAT).
Sam Sez: Huge drive for the Storm; They're not intimidated by this hostile crowd.

Orlando 2:46 1st Quarter 0:52 1st Quarter 3 Plays 12 Yards O'Hara pass intercepted by Harris.
Sam Sez: Great play by Harris to step in front of that pass.

Tampa Bay 0:52 1st Quarter 13:21 2nd Quarter 3 Play 38 Yards Willis 25-yd TD pass to Walker (Nittmo PAT).
Sam Sez: If the Storm can build a lead, they might be able to take this crowd out of the game.

Orlando 13:21 2nd Quarter 12:11 2nd Quarter 2 Plays 8 Yards O'Hara pass intercepted by Perkins.
Sam Sez: The Storm defense is showing why they're the best in the league.

Tampa Bay 12:11 2nd Quarter 8:46 2nd Quarter 5 Plays 13 Yards Nittmo 31-yd FG no good.
Sam Sez: Big defensive stand by Orlando to keep them in the game.

Orlando 8:46 2nd Quarter 5:59 2nd Quarter 4 Plays -4 Yards Cool 63-yd FG no good.
Sam Sez: Even switching QB's couldn't jump start the Predator offense.

Tampa Bay 5:59 2nd Quarter 1:19 2nd Quarter 6 Plays 18 Yards Nittmo 33-yd FG no good.
Sam Sez: Storm has missed golden opportunities to grab control of this game.

Orlando 1:19 2nd Quarter 0:19 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 42 Yards O'Hara 4-yd TD pass to Gordon (Cool PAT).
Sam Sez: Orlando has to be thrilled to be in a tie game right now.

Tampa Bay 0:19 2nd Quarter 0:00 2nd Quarter 4 Plays 23 Yards Nittmo 35-yd FG.
Sam Sez: Good way for Nittmo to end the half, but the Storm can't be happy with a 3-point lead.

Tampa Bay 15:00 3rd Quarter 11:40 3rd Quarter 4 Plays 15 Yards Fumbled snap recovered by Orlando.
Sam Sez: Points haven't been as easy to come by tonight as they have the last two weeks.

Orlando 11:40 3rd Quarter 9:17 3rd Quarter 3 Plays 25 Yards O'Hara 25-yd TD pass to Ingram (Cool PAT).
Sam Sez: Orlando seems to have taken control of this game.

Tampa Bay 9:17 3rd Quarter 5:17 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 38 Yards Willis 18-yd TD pass to LaFrance (Nittmo PAT no good).
Sam Sez: LaFrance came up big again in a key situation, but Nittmo continues to struggle.

Orlando 5:17 3rd Quarter 1:05 3rd Quarter 5 Plays 34 Yards Wagner 1-yd TD run (Cool PAT).
Sam Sez: The Predator offense is doing a good job keeping the Storm defense off balance.

Tampa Bay 1:05 3rd Quarter 14:07 4th Quarter 3 Plays 26 Yards Willis 18-yd TD pass to Thomas (2-pt pass inc.).
Sam Sez: Big play by the Storm on 3rd down; they're probably going to need to score each time they have the ball to pull this one out.

Orlando 14:07 4th Quarter 9:39 4th Quarter 6 Plays 0 Yards Cool 63-yd FG blocked.
Sam Sez: Huge, and I mean HUGE, defensive stand by the Storm. They MUST capitalize now.

Tampa Bay 9:39 4th Quarter 8:26 4th Quarter 1 Play 11 Yards Willis 11-yd TD pass to Rowland (Nittmo PAT).
Sam Sez: Probably the best catch I've ever seen a lineman make.

Orlando 8:26 4th Quarter 3:44 4th Quarter 6 Plays 25 Yards O'Hara pass intercepted by Harris.
Sam Sez: What a clutch play by the league's premier defensive player.

Tampa Bay 3:44 4th Quarter 1:03 4th Quarter 3 Plays 45 Yards Willis 35-yd TD pass to Walker (Nittmo PAT no good).
Sam Sez: Great pass by Willis, and Walker really showed his blazing speed.

Orlando 1:03 4th Quarter 0:36 4th Quarter 4 Plays 37 Yards O'Hara 33-yd TD pass to Cooper (Cool PAT no good).
Sam Sez: That missed PAt could be huge if the Predators can get the onsides kick.

Tampa Bay 0:36 4th Quarter 0:15 4th Quarter 3 Plays 1 Yard Willis pass intercepted by Orlando.
Sam Sez: That's big trouble.

Orlando 0:15 4th Quarter 0:00 4th Quarter 2 Plays 8 Yards O'Hara pass intercepted by Harris; End of Game.
Sam Sez: Yet another clutch play by Harris allows the Storm to escape the O-rena with a hard fought win.

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