Keeping It As Is...

If you came here expecting an updated site, sorry to disappoint! Our credentials were, unfortunately, revoked by the Storm because we were, apparently, too "negative." We always feel as if we have been honest, but their perception means that we won't be doing the site anymore. We have a further explanation, which we posted in the week following the Storm's decision. However, all the game stories, box scores, player biographies, history pages and other features are still available on the menu bar to the left and on the pull-down menu below. Game previews for the 1998 season are similar to what Andrew Mason wrote for news releases in his capacity with the team during that season. In addition, the player biographies also served as the basis for the biographies done by Mason work in the team's 1998 media guides. Feel free to browse around, and take care.

UPDATE (06/2000): In case you are wondering what has happened to us.

  • Andrew Mason is now a writer for and also is a writer for Arenafan Online.
  • Joe Kauffman is a Website Designer in Clearwater, specializing in personal and small business sites. He serves as Assistant Technical Director for Arenafan Online.
  • Sam Wolfson completed his Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering and is working for Raytheon in St. Petersburg.

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